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Texas Hill Country Wildflowers  
Each spring, the Hill Country of Central Texas explodes with endless displays of colorful wildflowers.  View photos of the various kinds, learn how to start your own  gardenful, plan  a custom seed mix, and grow wildflowers.  Photos, descriptions, and how to's are included in this section. 

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Link to Travels Section - ski and fall foliage trips
Travels & Trips  
Detailed travel reviews by Lynn McKamey including a white water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, holiday trip to Santa Fe, ski trips to Aspen, Jackson Hole, Canada, and Zermatt, spring trips to England, plus fall foliage trips through the Eastern U.S. , New England, and Oregon. 
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 Tropical Flower link 
ScubaMom's Gateway to the Caribbean 
Caribbean travel articles,  resort reports, and maps by Lynn McKamey about the British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines - vacationing, scuba diving, yacht charters, and resorts.  Lots of photos and pictures too. 
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Tropical Fish link 
ScubaMom's Gateway to Diving  
This link takes you to articles about diving in the Caribbean, Randy Kiel's dive trips to the ends of the earth, and some colorful photos of tropical fish and coral reefs.  
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 Toucan image and link 
ScubaMom's Icons and Animations  
A collection of icons, page dividers, and animations which include fish, shells, divers, islands, palms, tropical birds, sharks, sail boats, and scuba images.  
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Wacky Fish animation and link 
Fin Land Fun 
For a few underwater grins, follow this link to all kinds of scuba humor. You will find Sherman's Lagoon Cartoons, the wacky WOWIE SCUBA cyber-agency, FIN LAND T-shirts, plus amusing animated fish. 
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ScubaMom's Favorite Midis 
Featuring lots of Calypso and Caribbean songs plus pages with Bossa Nova & Latin midis, Oldies but Goodies, Polkas, Rags, Tex-Mex, 50s, 60s, snappy  "elevator music" (trust me), and Sailing Songs.  
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ScubaMom T-shirts
ScubaMom's T-Shirts 
If you like humorous tshirts, fish, birds, and the tropics, you'll love these ~ all designed by the talented artist Norris Hall.  How about a bunch of birds having a "Beak Party", or what about a "don't do mornings" Early Bird (who doesn't catch the worm), or comical fish faces called "Student Body", or a fun design with fish swimming all the way around the shirt?   
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Rhapis Gardens logo and link
Lynn McKamey’s Gateway to Exotic Plants 
Lynn McKamey has been growing unusual plants at Rhapis Gardens since 1975. This web site has articles about Rhapis (Lady) Palms, Cycas revoluta (Sago Palms), Polyscias (Ming Aralias), and Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy).  
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BOW Award! 
Forbes Best of the Web Travel Blogs was selected as one of the 2006 Best of the Web.  View all Forbes travel categories with links to an excellent array of travel information. 
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